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Here is what some of our Mettawa and Lake Zurich patients have to say about us:

Older Woman with Glasses“I wish to thank the young man who tested my eyes July 5. I had cataract surgery a few years back, and for 3 years I complained to the ophthalmologist about blurred and double vision. For 3 yrs I heard that the prescription was correct and I had "lazy eye." The young doctor at Costco found the astigmatism was not corrected; the prescription he gave me has corrected the double vision and blur, and each day I am thankful for the sharp and clear sight that I have now. WHAT A PRO! THANK YOU!”


Mother and Son“A small note to thank you again for taking time out of your day to call me regarding adjusting my contacts…Thank you for your guidance, professionalism and for being so kind to me.”


“Today I had the most ‘restore my faith in humanity’ experience at your Lake Zurich, IL optometry store. I called for an appointment yesterday and got in today—that’s the best! Not only were they efficient in taking care of me at my appointed time, they were also nice to me! My tests were done efficiently and Dr. Kaplan and her assistant were wonderful!


“…what a wonderful person Dr. Kaplan is: she told me I have an eye disease and I was shocked. She went out of her way to help me. She fitted me with special contacts. She was very understanding.”


After wearing contacts for many years, I was having trouble seeing while working on the computer and doing my needle work. I was sure that I'd have to start wearing a pair of glasses around my neck. Dr. Kaplan gave me a different strength of contact for each eye. She let me try samples of different brands until I felt comfortable. I'm really happy because I can now watch TV and do my embroidery at the same time. Smiling Man with Glasses I would recommend Dr. Kaplan to anyone.


My son had an eye injury when he was hit in the eye with a badminton birdie in gym class. I was able to pick him up from school and take him directly to Costco where Dr. Knobel fit him in the schedule. She recognized that he needed a specialist and arranged for a doctor's office nearby to also fit him in and treat him. She stayed late on a Friday until she knew that we'd get the care needed. It saved us the cost of an ER visit and may have saved my son's vision! I was very impressed with the compassion and professional behavior shown there.


My teenage daughter really wanted to wear contact lenses, but was nervous about touching her eyes. Dr Kaplan's and her staff were very patient. They spent a lot of time with her until she got it right and would be comfortable doing it on her own. Everyone that I've met there is friendly and helpful.